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The Bawnboy Heritage Book ‘ A Look Back in Time Memories from Templeport and Beyond‘ link is now available to download free of charge.

Bawnboy Workhouse this cut-stone group of buildings erected in 1852 has been enjoying a facelift over the past few years thanks to the work of a group of local residents who formed Bawnboy Workhouse Ltd, Cavan Co. Council and Cavan Monaghan Leader. It served the poor of the parishes of Templeport, Corlough, Kildallan, the two Drumreillys, Newtowngore, Ballinamore, Swanlinbar and part of Glangevlin. More information on the work taking place can be found on Bawnboy Workhouse.

In 1999 Chris Maguire wrote a book called Bawnboy and Templeport History and Heritage Folklore. Before he passed away in 2007 he had made it known that he would like to see his book made available on the internet for everyone to see and read it. Bawnboy and Templeport History and Heritage Folklore have been out of print for a good few years and I am delighted that it is now available on the internet. Many guests staying here over the years have asked where they could get a copy…..now I am able to direct them to the Bawnboy.com/ web site where they will be able to read Bawnboy and Templeport History and Heritage Folklore in their own time

Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data. The 1901 and 1911 census of Ireland has created enormous interest in genealogy in Ireland, but local Genealogical and Historical websites are also helping people to find information on their ancestors.
One such site is Bawnboy.com this site contains a treasure trove of information on the people who lived in Bawnboy and Templeport in the years gone by.
On its page Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data you can find information on: Templeport Baptisms 1836-1920, Templeport & Bawnboy Poll book 1761, Graveyard Headstones Inscriptions St. Peter’s Church Templeport……plus much more. This site will be of great help to people near and far to research their family tree. Irish Family History Foundation is another site that offers great help in family research.

Jampa Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Centre, County Cavan, Ireland-Established in 1990 under the spiritual directions of a Tibetan teacher, Venerable Panchen Otrul Rinpoche, Jampa Ling was formally registered as a charitable trust in 1992. Jampa Ling is located in West Cavan just two miles south of the village of Bawnboy.

Templeport Development Association is a diverse group of people working together to utilise opportunities which exist to promote and develop our community, enhance the quality of life, protect the environment, and promote and safeguard our unique heritage and culture. To learn more please click Templeport Development Association

History of St. Mogue’s Island and Templeport
read more about History of St. Mogue’s Island and Templeport”  can you put a link to http://www.templeport.ie/pages/st-mogues-island.html

It was on Inis Breachmhaigh, now known as Port, Inch or Mogue’s Island, that St. Mogue, the illustrious bishop of Ferns was born. Mogue’s ancestry is traced back to Colla Uais, one of whose leading families was the ‘Fir Luirg’ of Loch Erne. read more about History of St. Mogue’s Island and Templeport

O’ Reilly– Popular County Cavan Name
O’ Reilly – Gaelic: O Raghailligh

O’ Reilly ranks among the twelve most widespread names in Ireland. It comes from the name of a renowned 10th Century clan chief, Raighallach, which is said to be from the combination of “Raigh”, meaning arm, and “allach”, meaning strong or powerful.